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Shalom/Salaam: The Mystics Opening 11/10/12

FNDTN Gallery & Liveroom is pleased to present Shalom/Salaam: The Mystics, an exhibition of new works by artist and author Tom Block.  Join us November 10, 2012 from 7-10pm for the opening reception of the exhibit, showing until November 31, 2012.

In this exhibition, Block presents a series of selected paintings and drawings featuring medieval mystics who integrated the heart of Jewish and Islamic spiritual worship. Portraits of notable personage such as Baal Shem Tov (d. 1760), Rabi’a (d. 801), Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi (d. 1240), Moses de Leon (d. 1305), Rum (d. 1273) along with many others will appear along with panels explaining how the transcendence of the one faith influenced those in the sister religion.

Block’s paintings are created with a strong philosophical and activist influence. Hardly religious, Block  courageously aims to explore human endeavors in order to establish a better society and contribute to our shared struggle to subsist on a sound moral code.

Visitors will have an opportunity purchase all original work from Block directly through FNDTN Gallery & Liveroom.

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